Maryland and DC Property Listings

December 24, 2014


We often times ask this question while we are out looking for a property manager to manage our home but do we REALLY understand what a PROPERTY MANAGER DOES OR COULD DO FOR YOU?

Do we really know what we are looking for ?

Do we  understand what a property management company does?

In this post we will look at the 3 main things that a Property Management firm is suppose to handle on their clients behalf to ensure their home is safe, complaint with all legislative bodies and last but not least it is generating maximum returns.

1) what is the revenue objective of the Owner per month.. This is a good one as a good property manager you should know the clients revenue target at all times.

2) Is the home safe for the tenants and this Tenant article sums it up nicely for us as Property Managers it is our responsibility to ensure that tenants are safe at all times in terms of maintaining the physical structure of the rental property so all doors , locks and other entry and exit points should be checked regularly to ensure they are functional.

3) How often is it being maintained ? Does your property manager only visit when there is a  major problem?
Property managers are to constantly be in touch with the homes they manage one way or another either by quarterly inspections or bi annually. Make notes i their tenants operations and how the threat the rental home. DON’T wait for the police to call before you know it was a gangster base.




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